XMega PDI_ICE Memory Breakpoints

Memory Breakpoints implemented now!

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XMega PDI_ICE Memory Breakpoints

Posted: 30.03.2014 - 23:42  ·  #1
the AVRco dongle ISP3-USB and ISP3-X now support memory breakpoints
with PDI debugging of XMegas.
Because of the limited PDI debug resources in the XMegas it is not possible
to have a code breakpoint at the same time with a memory breakpoint.

This is supported:
1..2 code breakpoints, no memory breakpoint
1 memory breakpoint, no code breakpoint

Of course the source can contain any count of programmed breakpoints:

A memory breakpoint for example helps to find out an unexpected access to
any byte in the IO and SRAM area. Not usable with EEprom.
Sometimes a bug in the code can destroy/overwrite memory locations and
this is very hard to find what the reason for this is. Placing a memory breakpoint
onto such a location and this location is accessed, read, write or both, the
program is immediately halted on the following opcode and the reason for
this access can be found.

These function can only be used when the ISP3 dongle/ICE has the latest firmware!!
REV 140330_xxxx.pupd

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