A call for ARM support


A call for ARM support

Posted: 09.01.2015 - 15:15  ·  #1
I have read a number of posts in which you said you have no plans to support ARM processors. However, I want to reiterate this request. They are now so ubiquitous, inexpensive and powerful that it is hard to resist them. Even if you only supported a subset of the ARM line, like the M0+, that would be wonderful. I really dislike C/C++ and would hate to switch to that in order to use ARM. I have looked at the specs for Mikroelektronika Pascal but it seems to be only a thin wrapper for C and has far fewer device drivers than AVRco.
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Re: A call for ARM support

Posted: 09.01.2015 - 18:10  ·  #2
Hello Bill,

sorry, no intention for an ARM support. My man-power is not enough to build a new compiler.
My opinion is that the XMega family is as strong as most low cost ARMs. And I'm sure that there
will be more devices to come. Switching to another and very different CPU family is a huge job
for a compiler builder as well for an user. Most of the users don't build products in th 1k..10k
range where the CPU price is very important. And the differences are not very large.

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